16 channel digital mixing console

The LS9 series consoles are part of the famous line of Yamaha PM1D, PM5D and M7CL consoles, and expand the range of Yamaha digital mixing consoles for live sound and installations. The LS9 series consists of LS9-32 models with 64 channels (32 mic / line inputs) and LS9-16 with 32 channels (16 mic / line inputs).

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Compact and lightweight enough for a person to easily carry and install, both models offer tested and proven features on previous Yamaha digital consoles, as well as outstanding audio quality. In addition to its wide range of gate, compression and equalization functions, you also have a reader / writer with built-in USB memory, which can be used for BGM recording or playback, as well as more features that provide everything you need for small and medium-sized live or “live” audio applications in all-in-one consoles with outstanding compactness.


For façade stage applications
16x mic / line inputs with high quality pre-amps and 4x stereo inputs
Up to 32 channels with optional MY-Card
16x bus
LCR outputs as well as 8 matrix bus
8x Omni Outputs
Internal effects: Compressors and EQ (pre-set and factory routing)
USB port for storing scenes on USB stick
Up to 300 scenes can be recorded
Mute groups
Speed ​​dial buttons for your own user area
Motorized faders 100 mm
Internal power supply