40 channel digital mixing console

Based on the proven configuration of its predecessors, the new 01V96i console now offers USB 2.0 connectivity, a new multitrack recording feature, and enhanced sound quality.

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The 01V96 console is today one of the most used digital consoles in the world, in all areas of professional audio: concerts, broadcast, event, institutional or homestudio. The 01V96i now includes modified preamps and a 16-input / 16-output USB2 audio interface at 96 kHz.

All compatible VCM Add-On effects are also installed on the console. With all these new features, combined with a console that has proven itself, the 01V96i now offers versatility and reliability to any test.

32x Mono + 4x stereo
16x analog inputs: 12x microphone level or XLR / TRS line + 4x TRS lines
Balanced XLR stereo output
2x balanced TRS monitor outputs
4x balanced TRS Omni outputs
Inputs and outputs ADAT, S / PDIF coaxial
AD / DA converters: 24 bit / 96 kHz
USB 2.0 connection for 16x inputs / outputs up to 96 kHz
8 x Bus Mix
8 x Auxiliary buses
VCM DSP effects
REV-X Reverb
Up to 4 effects simultaneously (24 bit @ 44.1 / 48 kHz)
4-band EQ + compressor and gate on each mono channel
Motorized faders 100 mm
MIDI input, output and parallel output
DAW support
Studio Manager V2 support
Expansion card slot
Included Cubase AI6
Dimensions: 436 x 150 x 548 mm
Weight: 15 kg