THE ODM 300 includes a tuner of FM reception and a phone insert in a way to watch by the telephone network the presence of the HF broadcast. This equipment allows you to watch the broadcast of your radio except the coverage area of your transmitter.

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The pick up of the telephone line is automatic and the actual hang up on several tones of busy lines. The implementation is easy because it is enough to link the FM antenna and the telephone line. The regulation of the tuner and the station is made by removing the upper lid. This one put back in place masks the functions to avoid an accidental misadjustment, then only the display of the station remains visible. THE ODM 300 also includes an symmetric mono output (return tuner) intended for a phone wait and a stereophonic symmetric output intended for return tuner for studios. A soon available option will allow you, thanks to the integrated phone insert, to send a spoken message, by the telephone line to be directly run by the studio, while keeping control of return tuner (ex: remote Intervention on an automatic program). The option will allow by exploiting the DTMF orders of your phone keyboard to command outside functions (sending of jingle, opening of voice of console, automatic shift of voices on AUF 200, sending of safety codes).