Channel Strip package: compressors + EQ

Original analog compression and equalization reintroduced into the digital world with innovative VCM technology, which includes the COMP276, COMP260 and EQ601 effects.

Five effects using VCM (Virtual Circuitry Modeling) technology to recreate the sounds and features of 70’s analog compressors and equalizers.

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Unlike many conventional digital “simulations” of circuitry and analog effects, which remain superficial, Yamaha’s Add-on Effects add realism to every nuance and detail.

These high-performance signal processing plug-ins owe their power to the 96 kHz audio DSP features that characterize Yamaha digital mixing consoles and can be used with DM / 0 series digital mixing consoles, as well as with the PM5D model. Combined with Studio Manager V2, Add-On Effects programs provide an intuitive and efficient graphical interface that makes using the instrument a pure pleasure.

Yamaha’s Add-on Effects are based on the innovative Virtual Circuit Modeling (VIC) technology, which, rather than attempting to approach the desired sound using traditional digital audio methods, models the original analog circuits to ‘to the least resistance and capacitors. Yamaha also offers a set of space effects that offer unprecedented control over spatial surround sound processing with Yamaha’s innovative iSSP (Interactive Spatial Sound Processing) technology.

Add-On Effects software captures subtleties that ordinary digital simulations can not even capture, and goes beyond simple simulation to deliver true music performance that enhances the value of analog equipment in today’s digital production environment