DSP processing LAKE FIR AES / EBU I / O

DSP processing LAKE FIR AES / EBU I / O

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Mesa mode (EQ systems) 8-in / 8-out, Contour mode (crossover filter) 4-in / 12-out, or a combination of both modes.

96kHz internal processing, supports 44.1kHz, 48kHz, and 88.2kHz frequencies.
Compatible with Smaart measurement software.
Flexible routing system thanks to the AES / EBU connectors allowing different wiring modes, series, insert, etc.
The MY8-LAKE board is driven by the Lake Controller app, along with the other Lake units in the system.
More than 1000 presets of broadcast systems are included.

Processing Lake is today essential in the treatment of sound systems. The MY8-LAKE card is a DSP card for digital consoles developed jointly by Yamaha and Lake. All the power of EQ Mesa, Ideal Graphic and linear phase filters are included in this unique card, giving you intuitive and direct control of your broadcast system processing.