LED architectural Lighting LTL.WL544IP100

LED architectural lighting

Isolated space for LEDs and controls to accelerate heat dissipation.
Support for monochrome or dynamic colored lighting effects.
Various symmetrical beam angle options.

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This lighting is part of a range developed specifically by French engineers in order to perfectly
match the needs of contemporary architectural lighting: perfect for buildings, bridge pylons
and tall buildings/facades/structures.
It allows you to create a virtual screen on any architecture, the pitch is determined by the distance between the different
mods. It can be driven by a media server to offer a multitude of graphics.
This LED source with its various elliptical and multi-symmetrical beam angle options allows a definition
very precise flow regardless of the context. It is an easy and quick source to install with maintenance
easy if needed. The use of anodized and high-pressure molded aluminum makes it possible to gain in lightness and
optimize heat dissipation. In addition, the overall design and especially the positioning of the LEDs
reinforce this thermal optimization, essential to the longevity of lighting. This light has a
very good color rendering as well as a high output flux, all driven by PWM drivers.
Like all LINEARLEDS products, we pay particular attention to the manufacturing quality of
this source with a perfect synergy of design, technical performance, quality of lighting, innovation and R&D. The
performance combines light output with the optimization of energy consumption both in manufacturing and in
A perfect solution for very high quality lighting with designer sources, while controlling costs
investment and operating costs for a long time.
THE solution to replace conventional projectors.


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