Loudspeakers 12″ + 1.7″ 2-way 60° x 40° 700W PGM

These new Installation Series loudspeakers from Yamaha solve a number of major problems, giving them unprecedented performance and handling characteristics for live audio applications, including permanent installations.

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In particular, the smoothness and consistency of phase characteristics have been retained across the series, so you can mix and match speakers to suit any system or performance venue without risking hot spots and dead spots. caused by phase interference. In addition, thanks to their remarkable audio quality over the entire reproduction range, the audience receives the impact of the source without any loss.


Woofer models available: 12″ and 15″
Three horn dispersion patterns available for each model: 60° x 40° (/64), 90° x 50° (/95) and 90° x 90° (/99)
The roof: it can rotate 90 degrees, which allows vertical or horizontal mounting
Finish: durable black or white (can be painted to match any interior)