Pack Regulator of sound level SNA50 with a sound level wich does not degrade the dynamic of the signal as would make it a compressor or an average limiter.

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The measure of pressure by the acoustic sensor is transmitted in the computer which integrates the peaks of modulation with a very soft, adjustable slope in times of ascent and in times of descent. This permanent regulation allows to obtain a maximum acoustic average level equal to that programmed in instruction, without its action is perceptible by the auditor. The sound and the transparency are so preserved.

Technology: VCA

In & out : symmetric compatible asymmetric

Regulation: either by acoustic sensor, or by the electric analysis of the signal entering the SNA 50 while keeping then the measure of the acoustic level for the record.

Output interface for printers and computers, for background and defects.

Choices of three curves of answer for the acoustic analysis allowing to consider bass in priority.