The SNA60 is a controller of sound level. He must be used for rooms not having a sound system, where the only way of action are the cut of the power, penalty planned by the decree 98-1143 (France). The SNA60 makes constantly the “Leq” measure (acoustic slippery average calculated on an interval of time of 10 minutes) of acoustic pressure.

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If the level of pressure which you have chosen, after determined time, is exceeded, the penalty comes in the form of cut of the power for 10 seconds. The second overtaking will be sanctioned in the same way. The cut will be definitive after more than two overtakings within the hour, and the restart can be made only by the installer. The measure of acoustic pressure is made by a dedicated, omnidirectional sensor CAP60. The SNA60 verifies the integrity of the chain of measurement, and avoids the fraudulent manipulations. The SNA60 supplies a dry loop, intended to command via a sensor of power, the power supply of the mobile sound system. The SNA60 allows to choose two different levels of pressure according to the hour.

RS232 output for PC

Outputs for the display: by a set of three lights, red, yellow, green ( RJV30), giving an indication of the sound evolution in “Leq” and three indicators of penalty.