ROLAND M5000 Digital Mixing Console

Called M-5000, this new digital console with USB connection is based on Roland’s Open High Resolution and Configurable Architecture (OHRCA), which allows the engineer to freely configure the audio signal paths (mixing channels , auxiliaries, matrixes, subgroups, Mix-Minus buses … up to 128 channels).

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Mixing Channels: Up to 128 mixing channels (Inputs, Hands, Auxiliaries, Subgroups, Matrixes, Mix-minus, Monitor, Comm, Osc (2 Oscillators) and Headphones)
Faders: 28 channel faders organized into 4 groups
Inputs: Up to 300 inputs at 96kHz or 460 at 44.1 or 48kHz
Outputs: Up to 296 outputs in 96kHz or 456 in 44.1 or 48kHz
Screen: 12 “color touch
Weight: 36 kg
Dimensions: 934 (W) x 725 (D) x 346 (H) mm