48 IN – 16 OUT digital mixing console with ETHERSOUND port

Live digital audio mixing combined with the comfort and efficiency of analogue technology.
An innovative Centralogic ™ control interface makes these live digital audio consoles as intuitive to use as analog consoles.

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The M7CL-48ES is equipped with three EtherSound ports: two for connection to the SB168-ES stagebox in daisy-chain or ring mode, the third port for connection to the computer even when the stagebox is configured as a ring.
A simple setting of dip switches on stagebox and a button to press the console, and the system is ready to mix immediately.
ES Monitor software is not required to perform basic adjustment, even in ring redundancy mode.

Although the 48 inputs and 24 outputs are deported on the stagebox, it is still possible to use 8 inputs and 8 OMNI outputs on the console for different uses such as wiring additional sources to the console (CD players or other) or doing Analog inserts for external machines managed at the console.

In order to save valuable implementation time, the M7CL-48ES directly accepts files saved on M7CL-48 or M7CL-32.

On the M7CL-48ES, the three slots for the expansion cards remain free to accommodate other analog cards (inserts for example) or digital cards, or network to send signals to other digital systems like Aviom, Dante , as well as a Waves card to use the Waves SoundGrid System effects system.

48 IN – 16 OUT
Power requirements: AC100-240V, 50 / 60Hz Gold PW800W external power supply
Power consumption: 150W