56 channel digital mixing console

The 02R96VCM console is a new revolution in a line of production consoles that has evolved over the years in response to user needs to become the de facto standard for production consoles.

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Including 56 input channels and 18 mix busses, the 02R96VCM uses the impressive processing power of a Yamaha custom LSI DSP7 and offers the same range of channel functions as the DM2000, whether in entry or exit. Its “Selected Channel” system merges the control capabilities of a digital mixer with the sensations of an analog console for fast, intuitive operation when you need it. The analog input stages of the 02R96VCM console include legacy DM2000 console preamps, developed with the help of engineers around the world to produce transparent sound, perfect for professionals.

56x channels
24 bit / 96 kHz converter
8x bus
8x auxiliary departures
24x analog inputs
4x internal effects processors (1x Surround Processor)
8x Omni Outputs
4x slots for interface cards (analog, ADAT, TDIF, AES-EBU)
Surround sound mixing
Can be cascaded
Direct edit parameters of the selected channel using the internal software
Studio Manager software for on-and offline editing on a PC or MAC
Optional headband and wood side panels