Amplifier 6 headphones

THE AMC620 is an amplifier box for six headphones, with possibility of deporting the commands of volume.

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From one or two symmetric stereophonic modulations, this equipment allows to input up to six headphones of impedance between 8 ohms and 600 ohms. The headphone 1 is always input by the modulation A, headphone 2 – 6 are input by the modulation A or the modulation B. It allows, for example, to manage differently the sending towards the main leader and the guests. THE AMC 620 is endowed, on all the headphones, with VCA allowing the command of volume or on the front panel or in remote backwardation. The backwardation can be made either on the headphones 1 only, or on the headphones 2 in 6, or on all the headphones.