sound level controller

The LTS.SLC100 is a sound level controller. It must be used for rooms that do not have a sound system, where the only means of action is to cut off the electrical power, penalty provided for by decree 98-1143. Complies with Decree 98 11 43 / Standard NFS 31-122.

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The LTS.SLC100 constantly measures “Leq” sound pressure. The acoustic sliding average is configurable in level (from 60 to 120 dBSPL) and in time (adjustable from 1 to 10 minutes). The LTS.SLC100 Pack includes the basic equipment, the pressure sensor and the display box in three colors: – 230Volt/30W power supply, – DIN rail mounting box, 11 modules, – floating dry loop output and 230 Volts/1A breaking capacity, – output for display unit three red, yellow and green LEDs, giving an indication of the sound evolution in Leq; this box is supplied with the equipment, – output for a display unit in plain text and in dB of the sound level; type LTS.SLD400 this is not included in the basic pack, – output for intuitive and educational display type LTS.SLD200, – liquid crystal display and menu access dial for programming; there is no need for a computer for the start-up, – USB Host connector allowing the connection of a USB key for the collection of the history, – RJ45 connector for networking the LTS.SLC100 and remote consultation of events and history by IP; resetting after 3 cuts can be done by IP, – recording of Leq 1mn and 10 mn in A and C weighting. Complies with Decree 98 11 43 / Standard NFS 31-122