Sound pressure display

Noise pollution represents, in the same way as air pollution or toxic products, an environmental risk. The consequences are felt not only on the quality of life but also on health. Linear Technologie distributes an educational sound pressure display LTS.SLD200.

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This acoustic pressure display without microphone kit measures and displays the sound level thresholds in an educational way.
The sound level is indicated by smileys (smiling, grimacing or very sad).
This display helps to raise public awareness of noise pollution.
Thanks to the smiles or grimaces of the smiley, the public understands whether the noise level respects their hearing health.
The integration of the LTS.SLD200 display can be done wherever it is necessary to raise public awareness of noise pollution:
• schools,
• libraries,
• open space type office,
• workshops,
• bars, discotheques,
• busy streets, etc…
Technical characteristics :
• Case 26cm x 15cm
• 12 Volt power supply by separate block supplied
• Class 2 acoustic sensor according to IEC61672
• Switchable frequency weighting: A or C
• Time weighting: Leq 1s, 10s, 30s, 60s, 5mn, 10mn, 30mn, 60mn
• Triggering sound level threshold: 50 to 110 dB SPL Complies with Decree 98 11 43 / Standard NFS 31-122